How to Select the Right Size Chandelier

One of my favorite parts of designing a room is selecting the light fixture. A beautiful chandelier can take a room from good to great, it can really be the icing on the cake!   Size Matters… But often the trick to good design is about sizing up your choices. Even the most fabulous chandelier, if too large, will simply overwhelm the room.  Simple Math To select the right size fixture for the entryway or your favorite living space... Read More
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How to Hang Curtains

There is nothing that can bring a room down quite like bad drapery or improperly hung drapery.  One of the biggest design mistakes that I see are clients hanging their curtains incorrectly. Curtains can truly make or break your room! Let’s look at some of the biggest offenders. Curtain Rod Too Low    See how this cuts off the wall! [insert picture] Curtains Not Long Enough    YIKES! This one is bad! I like to call this example “waiting... Read More
at Thursday, May 21, 2015
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Local Trend: Elly Deyhle Handbags

What sets Elly Deyhle's handbags apart from any other I've seen is that not only are her patterns beautiful, they're a lesson in 20th century design as well. Deyhle, a transplant from Dallas, uses these fabrics to mix her love for fashion with the world of architecture and interior design — a world her mother first shared with her. Continue reading on . Read More
Posted by Elly Deyhle at Friday, July 19, 2013
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